In this article we are going to know the best things to do in Montreal Canada.

From a century-old building to a festival that hosts some of the biggest bands in the world, Montreal is a classic yet modern city that never gets bored.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal Canada

things to do montreal canada
Notre Dame Cathedral

Walking along the Old Port side of Montreal, you can’t miss the Notre Dame Cathedral.

So, It is made up of two huge towers towering over it.

If you admire the exterior, you will be even more surprised when you open the door and go inside the building.

So, It was completed in 1829, it was the first Gothic Revival church built in Canada. Looking at the colorful stained glass and beautiful religious paintings is a wonderful feeling.

It was also visited by Pope John Paul II and the funeral of Prime Minister Pierre-Elliot Trudeau and the legendary hockey player Maurice Richards.

Admission includes a 20-minute guided tour of the history, architecture and art of the Basilica of Notre Dame. In addition, guided tours are available to attend Mass and to the sacristy, gallery and baptismal room.

Old Montreal (Old Town) in Montreal Canada

things to do montreal canada
Old Montreal (Old Town)

Montreal’s Old Town is the oldest part of the city, where the remains of the city’s founding in 1642.

The cobblestoned road makes you feel as if you are in Europe.

Also, you can ride a horse-drawn carriage to see all over the old town.

Contrary to its name, the old town street, which seems to have returned to the past.

Also, it is a place where you can feel the energy and excitement of youth.

Local fashion boutiques and trendy cafes can be found everywhere.

People take a walk, bike or boat ride by day on the beautiful Old Port wharf.

In addition, they dine in modern restaurants by night. In summer as well as January, thousands of people wear snowsuits and fill the harbor at Igloo Fest, an outdoor electronic music festival.

The Old Town is a very good mix of the new and the old, and is not to be missed.

Mont Royal in Montreal Canada

things to do montreal canada
Mont Royal

It is a mountain located in the heart of downtown Montreal, much of which is located within Mont Royal Park. Mont Royal Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park in New York. So, both parks are outdoor spaces in the city where people can socialize, spend time outside, exercise, and more. Climb up to the observation deck at the top of the park and overlook the whole of Montreal.

Or, head out to Tam Tam, Mont Royal’s signature event on Sunday. We invite you to Tam Tam, a large weekly outdoor party where various people such as drummers, dancers, and merchants gather. (Schedule may change depending on the weather)

St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Mont Royal

things to do montreal canada
St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Mont Royal

Driving around Montreal, you’ll see a large, round green dome that stands high on the horizon.

So, this is the dome of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Canada and a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

The 97m high roof – the dome of the cathedral.

Also, it is the second tallest in the world after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. If you walk up the stairs, you can overlook the view of the city. Step inside and explore the chapels, basilica, gardens and museums. Religious and artistic exhibitions are offered at all times.

Montreal Museum of Art in Montreal Canada

Founded in 1860, the museum attracts more than one million art lovers each year, making it Canada’s most visited museum annually.

In addition, the Montreal Museum of Art is an art museum where you can see various works such as traditional art, music, film, fashion, and design. Within a few hours, you’ll find a wide variety of artefacts, from ancient glass vases to Rembrandt’s paintings to distinctive contemporary furnishings.

in addition, each year a new collection called “Touring Exhibition” is displayed, so the Montreal Museum of Art offers a different experience each year.

Sainte Catherine Street in Montreal Canada

things to do montreal canada
Sainte Catherine Street

St Catherine Avenue is the shopping hub of Montreal. High-end designer goods, chain brands, local boutiques or souvenirs can all be found on this street. St. Catherine ‘s nine-mile-long Avenue is the heart of downtown, connecting the east and west sides of Montreal. In each corner of the street you can see different shops. It is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes, and is easily accessible by bus or subway.

Also, both the Montreal Forum and Place des Arts, which were home to Canada’s professional hockey team, Montreal Canadians, are located on this street. Visit in summer to see the lively landscape of sidewalks filled with terraces.

Montreal underground city in Montreal Canada

things to do montreal canada
Montreal underground city

Now that you’ve passed Canada’s busiest shopping street, let’s take a look at the places below. Montreal is the birthplace of the “underground city”. The official name is RÉSO, and 20 miles of underground pathways link shopping centers, metro stations and buildings. Reggio can be reached directly from the street and is connected to 9 major hotels, 8 metro stations and 2,000 shops and 17 museums, hockey arenas, cinemas, nightclubs and numerous restaurants and companies. Whether you want to escape the cold winter weather, do some shopping, or just want to walk around, join the 500,000 people who use this place.

Place des Festivals

In the heart of downtown Montreal, there is an entertainment space called “Calttier des Spectacle”. What is the most important place in that space? This is the Place des Festivals. The Place of Festivals hosts various events such as the Big Festival, and free shows and concerts are held here throughout the year.

Also, The square is home to Canada’s largest interactive fountain, as well as two huge lighthouses and two glass-box restaurants.

No matter what time of year you go, the Place des Festivals is always full of spectacle.

space for life

Montreal’s Espace Pour La Vie is a collection of four facilities: Biodome, Botanical Garden, Insect Museum, and Olympic Park. It is a space with the purpose of reconnecting people, nature, and the outer space in which we live, and is a simple and lively space.

So, You can smell more than 20,000 flowers in one day and have lunch next to penguins and Canadian lynx links. At the Insect Museum, place a bet on whether it is an insect or a branch or experience a 360-degree aurora projection. All of these experiences can be done in one day at Space for Life, but there are so many other things to see that you might want to stay longer.

Museum of Pointe Acagliere – Museum of History and Archeology.

This museum of archeology and history in the place where the city of Montreal first emerged? Established in 1992 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Montreal, the Museum of Pointe Acaglier vividly shows the history of the city from the 14th century to the present. You can see how the local Aboriginal culture was maintained thanks to multimedia and new technologies, how Britain and France influenced it, and how Montreal became what it is today. An alternating exhibition of buildings and tombs dating back centuries, archaeological remains of the area’s first settlers, and all things Canada… This all-inclusive museum is a playground for history buffs.

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