In this article you can see the most visited cities in the world, which are most in demand among foreigners according to MasterCard.

MasterCard has released its annual Global Destination Cities Index report, which shows the popularity of cities, countries and regions among travelers.

The index tracks the rise and fall in demand for destinations and measures the impact of local tourism development efforts and the industry’s outlook.

In 2018, the list was topped by Bangkok, which was the leader in the previous ranking.

The Asia-Pacific region retains the obvious leadership among the territories, which appears to be a zone of interest for both lovers of traditional recreation and business travelers. Next comes Europe. It remains the center of all varieties of tourism. In terms of visitor spending, Dubai came out on top. On average, a visitor to this city spends $537 per day.

Bangkok (Thailand) The most visited city in the world

The Most Visited Cities in the World

20.05 million guests.

Bangkok has become a tourist mecca in the 21st century. This determines Bangkok’s position in the MasterCard rankings. Thailand remains in demand among visitors from all over the world. Moreover, the country is making efforts to develop infrastructure and expand the industry. Tourists spend 4.7 nights in the Thai capital and spend $173 every day.

London (UK) The second most visited city

The Most Visited Cities in the World

19.83 million guests

The most visited cities in the world cannot do without London. This is history, reputable educational institutions, world-famous locations, major sporting events, global business meetings and much more. Visitors to the English capital stay 5.8 nights and spend $153 a day, despite the overall high cost of living.

Paris (France) No. 3 of most visited cities in the world

The Most Visited Cities in the World

17.44 million guests

The romantic halo of Paris would allow him to take a place in this twenty and without significance for European and world business. Those wishing to see the Eiffel Tower alone would be enough to cross the threshold of 10 million tourists.

Dubai (UAE)

The Most Visited Cities in the World

15.79 million guests

A phenomenal city that has emerged and continues to grow in the middle of the Arabian deserts is one of the main tourist centers of the 21st century. The city combines exoticism, luxury and a pleasant climate, which is important for vacationers.
Dubai often becomes a platform for discussing large business deals. True, the capital of the emirates is the most expensive city for tourists. Every day you have to spend about $537 dollars. The average length of stay is 3.5 nights.


The Most Visited Cities in the World

13.91 million guests

Singapore has been claiming the title of the business capital of the planet for several years now. The country’s economic wonder, futuristic views and landmarks contribute to a large number of tourists. They come to the capital of the country of the same name for 4.3 nights. Guests spend $286 per day.

New York (USA) one of the most visited cities in the world

The Most Visited Cities in the World

13.13 million guests

The most visited cities in the world and New York are things that are inseparable from each other. The city of dreams, the business center of the United States, the empire of skyscrapers – all this is the “Big Apple”. Whoever does not come to the 8th most populated city in the world and the largest city in the United States: businessmen, artists, ordinary travelers and, of course, hunters for the “American dream”. They stay in New York for 8.3 nights, while spending $147 a day.

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Very important business city in the world

The Most Visited Cities in the World

12.58 million guests

Technically, Kuala Lumpur has to be visited by every person who comes to Malaysia, whether it be a resort tourist or a digital businessman. It takes the average visitor 5.5 nights and $124 a day to resolve personal issues, see skyscrapers and taste exotic cuisine.

Tokyo (Japan) – 11.93 million guests

The Most Visited Cities in the World

Tokyo is a visiting card and the main goal of foreign visitors to Japan. Technology, an extraordinary youth culture, mental devotion, respect for history and, of course, the economic miracle of the 21st century are one of the successful recipes for a city that wants to attract 12 million tourists a year. Guests stay in Tokyo for 6.5 nights and spend $154 daily.

Istanbul (Turkey) One of the old cities in the world

The Most Visited Cities in the World

10.7 million guests

The result of the confluence of two cultures and continents on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul has become a metropolis with a giant historical background. The main demand of foreigners is the usual form of recreation, but there are many business guests in the total share.
The average visitor stays in Istanbul for 5.8 nights, and each day costs him $108.

Seoul (South Korea) One of the modern cities in the world

The Most Visited Cities in the World

9.54 million guests

Seoul is rightfully one of the most visited cities in the world. The tourist traffic of the South Korean capital is formed by visitors with traditional travel goals and business trips. There are many large events, exhibitions and conferences. On average, people come here for 4.2 nights, and the daily tourist spending is $181.
Seoul is one of the five largest cities in the world and the ranking of the smartest agglomerations. South Korea is one of the leaders in the list of countries with the best conditions for digital entrepreneurship , which we published earlier.

Antalya (Turkey) Has one of the most visited beaches in the world

9.42 million guests

Antalya is one of those cities. Beach tourism occupies such a role in the economy that other industries are invisible. Based on the figures received by MasterCard, Antalya is the world’s premier resort for those who want to spend their holidays under the Mediterranean sun.

Phuket (Thailand)

9.29 million guests

The Thai province, which has become one of the symbols of exotic beach holidays over the past decades, is one of the twenty most visited cities and holds the 10th place in terms of the total amount of money spent by guests – $ 10.46 billion per year. It’s $239 per day per person.

Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

9.18 million guests

Mecca is a special city on this list, which has become one of the most popular among foreigners due to its own cultural status. Millions of Muslim pilgrims travel to the holy city every year, and the index predicts that their number will grow by 7.4% in 2018. Mecca is the second city after Dubai in terms of the total amount of money spent – $ 18.45 billion. But the daily expenses of a tourist here are much more modest – only $ 135.

Hong Kong (China)

9.03 million guests

The city with the largest economy, its own laws, a gambling zone and a rich history does not remain aloof from world attention. Despite the high cost of living in Hong Kong, it does not rank in the top 10 cities in terms of total guest spending surveyed by MasterCard.

Milan (Italy)

8.81 million guests

Milan maintains the status of the European capital of fashion, culture and sports, but due to the shift in business interest in favor of London and non-European capitals, it occupies only 15th place in the ranking. Given the abundance of traditional recreational resources and the stable demand for Italy among tourists, one should not expect a big change in indicators next year.

Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

8.78 million guests

Another super popular resort all over the world. This 16th most visited city overtakes Phuket, Pattaya and Bali in terms of the total amount of money that tourists spend in it. The average day of stay in Palma de Mallorca costs $220 for a guest. For the year, an amount of $ 11.96 billion is collected.

Barcelona (Spain)

8.69 million guests

Barcelona continues the trend of traditional tourist centers. 8 million people come here every year to visit historical and cultural centers, attend Barça matches, get to know Catalan traditions and immerse themselves in Mediterranean life. Barcelona remains an affordable option. It is not in the top 10 in terms of total visitor spending per year.

Pattaya (Thailand)

8.67 million guests

Pattaya is simple: azure water, pristine beaches, vibrant nature and exotic atmosphere. This place is popular all over the world. Extended rating data says that Pattaya’s position is partly the merit of Russian tourists. Here, as well as in Phuket and Antalya, guests from Russia are the most generous.

Osaka (Japan)

8.42 million guests

Osaka is the 14th most populous city in the world.

It is located on the shores of the island of Honshu, and local residents greet guests from other countries with energy, optimism, sociability and cheerfulness. There is enough hospitality for everyone. Because for every foreign guest, according to official figures, there are 2 residents of the city.

Bali (Indonesia)

8.3 million guests

The island of Bali is a kind of tourist and economic miracle.

It has “jumped” to the first position in terms of attendance in recent decades. In the absence of a wide historical baggage, Bali is saved by first-class infrastructure.

The financial availability of the island and the continuing trend for exotic travel.

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