waterfalls of mn (Minnesota) are as abundant as the lakes. Minnesota’s Lake Itasca is the source of the Mississippi River, which eventually empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

The state also has nearly 5,000 km of Lake Superior shoreline. Its nickname is “Land of 10,000 lakes”. These waterways and their sources create plenty of beautiful waterfalls throughout Minnesota. With so many amazing waterfalls in Minnesota, you must plan how you are going to find the best ones. Here’s a list to get you started.

Minnehaha waterfalls in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

The first one on our map of waterfalls in Minnesota is probably the best known and is within Minneapolis.

Minnehaha Falls is a 53-foot cascade over limestone that you can hear as you enter Minnehaha Regional Park.

Spring is the best time to see them, as this is when the winter melt feeds the flow. Winter is also fantastic as the falls freeze into millions of icicles.

Visitors to Minneapolis can easily get here by rental car. Since it’s an urban park, it’s convenient to view from almost any hotel in Minneapolis.

The park has a bike path, a trail and a children’s pool. During your visit, have lunch or dinner at the Sea Salt Eatery restaurant.

In summer, enjoy a live music show in the music tent.

The falls are just a short walk from the park entrance. A few steps will take you to the bottom, so you can enjoy beautiful views just a few meters away.

All paths and trails in the park are flat and accessible to all.

Cascade Falls, Cascade River State Park in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

There are many parks in Minnesota with waterfalls, and within this one, the Cascade River drops 900 feet in its last few miles before emptying into Lake Superior.

Its twisting flow creates a series of waterfalls, including a beautiful 30-foot waterfall.

To see the official waterfall, you will have to walk along the west side of the river.

However, other falls can be seen better from the other side. Fortunately, a walkway can turn this hike into a loop so you can see most of the falls.

If you take the Lake Superior hiking trail, you’ll see the falls upriver. Stay on the west side for the best views.

Hiking, cross-country skiing, and picnicking are some of the many activities available at Cascade River State Park.

Gooseberry Falls, Gooseberry Falls State Park

waterfalls of Mn

A tour of Minnesota waterfalls has to include the five magnificent waterfalls at Gooseberry Falls State Park. It’s definitely one of the top things for doing in Minnesota.

You can see the Upper, Middle and Lower Falls with a ride on the Gooseberry River.

A longer loop hike will take you to the Fifth Cascade. Gooseberry Falls State Park has as well a center with programs and useful lectures.

Enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing and picnicking. You can also go biking, fishing, and snowmobiling.

Split Rock Lighthouse in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

Close to Duluth and Gooseberry Falls is Split Rock Lighthouse, with its own beautiful waterfalls.

You can walk or bike the Gitchi-Gami State Trail through the park and see the Middle Falls and parts of the Upper and Lower Falls.

You can also combine this tour with Gooseberry Falls State Park, which is 8.5 miles to the south.

Walk, bike, run and hike the Gitchi-Gami State Trail. You can also swim and kayak at Pebble Beach and there are places to picnic.

High Falls, Tettegouche State Park in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

The tallest waterfalls in Minnesota are in Tettegouche State Park.

The park has about a mile of Lake Superior shoreline and the mouth of the Baptism River with falls.

This large and beautiful park also has lakes and a hardwood forest.

The tallest waterfalls in Minnesota are the 40-foot High Falls and the 40-foot Illgen Falls.

Tettegouche State Park is on the north shore of Lake Superior off Highway 61, 58 miles northeast of Duluth.

Take a hike to the waterfalls and look for peregrine falcons. You can also try rock climbing and cross-country skiing.

The Devil’s Cauldron in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

There’s a waterfall in Minnesota where the water disappears, or so it seems.

Devil’s Kettle Waterfall is located on the North Shore of Minnesota, and it seems as if the water rushing over the rocks disappears into the background.

It may seem like the most mysterious waterfall in Minnesota.

But hydrologists say the water ends up in an underground river and eventually emerges in Lake Superior.

The walk is about 3 km and starts at the park car park. The trail is moderate and leashed dogs are welcome.

Niagara Cave in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

The waterfalls of southern Minnesota are just as beautiful as those on the north shore. Niagara Cave is a limestone cave with an 18-meter waterfall.

There are one-hour guided tours that include a one-mile walk underground and a set of 275 stairs to see the fossils, underground stream, and waterfall.

The guided tour of the cave and the underground waterfall lasts one hour. Visitors can also play miniature golf and have a picnic on the grounds.

Minneopa State Park in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

The next thing on our waterfall tour that visitors to Minnesota must see are the impressive falls at Minneopa State Park.

Not only are they one of the most picturesque waterfalls in southern Minnesota, but you can also see the bison herd.

The falls are created when the Minneopa Creek flows over a ledge, then cascades nearly 40 feet to meet the Minnesota River.

Road signs will direct you to the falls in the southern part of the park. You will have to take a short walk from the parking lot to the viewpoint.

Minnemishinona waterfalls in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

Minnemishinona Falls is one of the smallest waterfalls in southern Minnesota, but no less beautiful for that.

They are best seen after a downpour or during a period of constant rain.

A short, flat walk brings you to a bridge overlooking the crystal-clear plunge of the waterfall. There is no way to get to the base.

Picnic tables are available.

Hidden Waterfalls, Big Woods State Park in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

In spring, you can see the state dwarf trout lily, which is an endangered species of wildflower. In autumn, the leaves of the trees take on beautiful colors.

The easy 3.5 km round trip trail starts at the picnic area and leads you through the shady trees to the falls. A boardwalk will help you cross the flowers.

Picnics, viewing wildflowers, bird watching, and hiking are all fun things to do in this hardwood forest ecoregion.

You can also go snowshoeing in winter.

Wolf Creek waterfalls in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

At Banning State Park near Sandstone, moderate-difficulty trails take you to Wolf Creek Falls.

The best time to visit is from March to October, but winters bring their own beauty…and fewer crowds.

There are a couple of options for hiking Wolf Creek Falls, from the shortest and easiest to the longest with moderate difficulty. There is good signage in the car park.

You can also canoe up the Kettle River or raft to the falls through a local Sandstone operator.

You can also bathe in the falls.

Ramsey waterfalls in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

Ramsey Park, where Ramsey Falls is located, is a 219-acre municipal park and camping area.

It is nicknamed “Minnesota’s Little Yellowstone” for its beautiful landscaping and meticulous maintenance. There is a paved road to get to the falls.

Take a hike and a picnic and visit the zoo.

High Falls, Grand Portage State Park in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn

High Falls is close to the Canadian border, so it’s a long drive if you’re coming from the Twin Cities.

Not to be confused with the High Falls of Tettegouche State Park, the High Falls of Grand Portage State Park is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Minnesota.

This waterfall is almost 120 meters of height (about 80 feet). This waterfall is the highest one in whole Minnesota, and the one of the marvelous waterfalls in North America.

The falls are easy to get to from northeastern Minnesota, such as Duluth or Grand Marais. The roaring sound of this waterfall is heard in whole the park. There are different vantage points for visitors to enjoy this incredible waterfall.

Grand Portage State Park is one of the best state parks in Minnesota and perhaps one of the best state parks in the entire country due to its extraordinary hiking trails and incredible views.

Vermillion Falls, Vermillion Falls Park in Mn, Duluth

waterfalls of Mn vermillion falls

Vermillion Falls Park in Hastings is a 30-foot waterfall in downtown Hastings that rises from the Vermillion River, a 30-minute drive up the Mississippi River from St. Paul, making it an ideal short jaunt from the Twin Cities.

Willow Falls, Willow River State Park

waterfalls of Mn willow falls

The Falls is the center of attention at Willow River State Park, located north of Hudson, Wisconsin.

These Falls is a beautiful waterfall that tumbles down several ledges before flowing into a 200-foot-deep canyon and eventually joining the St. Croix River. It’s about a short walk from the trailhead, and it’s an easy waterfall to see from the Twin Cities.

Yes, it’s not technically one of the Minnesota waterfalls, since it’s in Hudson, Wisconsin, but it still deserves our honorable mention, since we all know that Hudson is so close to Minnesota.

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