Bologna is an easy-to-visit city because of its size and importance as the capital of the province.

And, Emilia-Romagna, and many visitors consider it the most attractive in Italy.
It has a reputation as an Italian gourmet destination. One of Bologna’s main industries is pasta and sausage manufacturing.
So, in this article we will talk about the most attractive tourism sites in Bologna.

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things to do in bologna italy
Piazza del Nettuno

San Petronio (St. Petronius Cathedral) in Bologna, Italy.

things to do in bologna italy
San Petronio (St. Petronius Cathedral).

The construction of a huge church dominating one side is the Piazza Maggiore.

Although, it was designed to be larger than St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, but was never built.

Indeed, it is never finished, and the appearance remains imperfect. In the small museum at the back of the church, you can see designs submitted for the façade, including works by the great architect Andrea Palladio. The finished interior is often referred to as Italian Gothic architecture, with each side church looking like a small church. Look for odd lines across the bottom of the oyster. It is a meridian.

leaning towers in Bologna.

things to do in bologna italy

Pisa may be more famous, but Bologna has a pair of towers that appear to lean even more surprisingly because of their narrow shape. They are best known of the more than 100 towers that formed Bologna’s 12th-century skyline. They were needed both as watchtowers and shelters in case of an attack, but their height also became a status symbol for the noble families who built them. The 48-meter Torre Garisenda has gained more than 13 meters in weight. You can climb the 498 steps inside the Torre degli Asinelli to get a view of Bologna.

Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna Italy.

things to do in bologna italy
Piazza Maggiore

Two adjacent squares in the center of the city. People gather every day and every night, chating, laughing and Splashing water.
Neptune Fountain It gives Piazza del Nettuno its name. Created in the 16th century by Giambologna, it is one of the finest fountains of its era. Almost, all the main sights of the city are within walking distance and the most important streets – the busy shopping street, via dell’Indipendenza , and the Via Galleria with its many old aristocratic residences.

So, via dell’Archiginnasio the elegantly arcaded Basilica of San Petronius ; Its still unfinished facade dominates one side of Piazza Maggiore. In the north is the former, Palazzo del Podestà (Governor’s Palace) tower, built in 1259 Torre dell’Arengo . Under the vaulted ceiling.

Also, people whispering from one side can be heard by those on the opposite corner.

Museo Civico Archeologico (Museum of Archaeology).

things to do in bologna italy
Museo Civico Archeologico

Even those who normally wander at the Antique Museum will be amazed at the up-to-date display of prehistoric and Etruscan discoveries in the surrounding area.

As well as, outstanding treasures of Celtic, Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations. There are only two museums in Italy that can match the Egyptian collection.

So, It’s not a jumble of dusty artifacts here, but it’s a modern museum with wonderfully displayed artifacts.

San Domenico (St. Dominic Church) in Bologna.

things to do in bologna italy
San Domenico

When the church of St. Dominic died in 1221, work began in the church that took centuries to establish in the Convent of Convents he established.

So, she marble tomb enshrining his remains is a reason for a visit, sculpted in meticulous detail by the great artists of the day, including Michelangelo and Nicola Pisano. The church’s art treasures do not end here. In the choir, the outstanding wood inlays of the intarsia master fra’ Damiano da Bergamo were acclaimed as the Eighth Wonder of the World by Renaissance contemporaries.

Sacrament dei Battuti in Bologna.

A small hall decorated with Baroque paintings, murals and gilded carvings. Use one of the benches to avoid a stiff neck and stretch it and try to lift the perfectly gorgeous ceiling. Erecting 15 terracotta statues around the room, Death of the Virgin, created by Alfonso Lombardi in the early 16th century. Also, watch the presentation of the music program held here because of the excellent acoustics of the room.

Santo Stefano (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) in Bologna.

things to do in bologna italy
Santo Stefano

Bologna doesn’t lack interesting, art-filled churches, but Santo Stefano is the oldest and most atmospheric.

So, the complex of eight buildings can be called the cradle of faith in Bologna and was built between the 10th and 13th centuries to house the remains of Saints Vitale and Agricola, the early martyrs of Bologna. Benedictines) had. The main church, Chiesa del Crocifisso, has an external pulpit from the 12th century and a crypt dating from 1019. The octagonal Santo Sepolcro opens into a two-story monastery and adjacent columnar courtyard. In the simple third church, find the capitals in different styles, recycled from former Roman and Byzantine architecture and 6th-century mosaic floors.

Basilica di San Pietro in Bologna, Italy.

things to do in bologna italy
Basilica di San Pietro

The cathedral of San Pietro has undergone many changes since its founding in 910, when the 15th-century Pellegrino Tibaldi choir and the 17th-century Baroque remodeled choir merged.

So, a door at the end of the side aisle on the left leads to a collection of artistic treasures that have been donated for use in religious ceremonies over the centuries. These include items from the collections of several popes and a splendid procession given in 1996.

Pinacoteca Nazionale (National Gallery) in Bologna, Italy.

Pinacoteca has a unique mission to preserve and display the works of artists who lived in Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region, especially from the 13th to the early 19th centuries.

Also, Some of his works have their own history, where Napoleon, rescued from a church that was closed or used for other purposes, moved to the Louvre in Paris and eventually returned to Bologna.

Raffia Zola in Bologna.

The large open-air market Parque Montagnol, which fills Piazza Mercato, a huge space in central Bologna adjacent to Piazza Mercato , was started in 1251 as a cattle market. Now up to 400 street vendors and craftspeople sell art, crafts, new and used clothing, footwear, household goods, cosmetics and more.

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