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Paseo de Montejo, Merida, Mexico

things to do merida mexico
Paseo de Montejo

Conquistador that founded Merida in 1542, called Francisco de Montejo, Paseo de Montejo is a wide, French-style boulevard stretching north of the city center.
And, The arteries date back to 1888 and arose during the Hennequin boom.
At first, Mosmento was portrayed as Los Montejo, who traveled to Yucatán with Montejo the Younger and his father
. Surrounded by quite large Indian laurel trees in front of luxurious neoclassical houses. There are
Casa Vales, Casa del Minarete, Casa Peón de Regil and Quinta Montes Molina.

Plaza Grande, Merida

things to do merida mexico
Plaza Grande

On weekends and at night there are funded cultural events at the city hall. One of the things to catch on is the Yucatecan “Vaquería” dance on Mondays. On Sundays, the craft fair (Mérida en Domingo) occupies the square and street food carts at the edges.

Gran Museo del Mundo Maya, Merida | Mexico

Opened in 2012 to commemorate the end of the Long Count cycle in the Mayan calendar, this museum is all about historical and current Maya culture.
Above all, Gran Museo del Mundo Maya Whether you’re looking at the archaeological site of Ruta Puuc or going all the way to Chichén Itzá, is the best intro.
There are over 1,150 artifacts from various periods of the Mayan civilization, from colonial times to modern times. Here’s a helpful explanation of some of the mysterious symbols you’ll encounter at the Mayan ruins.
The Historic Art Gallery has sculptures and jewellery made of golden, clamshell and stone. There are
books, paintings, Catholic religious works, and engravings from the times of New Spain, and textiles, arts and crafts, and religious items to examine contemporary Mayan culture.

Monumento a la Patria in Merida, Mexico

things to do merida mexico
Monumento a la Patria

At the roundabout in Paseo de Montejo, there is a Cantea stone monument created by 20th-century sculptor Rómulo Rozo. The
Monumento a la Patria is a Neo-Mayan work with highly detailed reliefs around a semicircular wall. and there are pieces.
The Mérida symbol of Merida and the Ceaga tree with four butterflies symbolizing the glory of the people of Mexico and the expectant Chacmool, a pair of Jaguar Warriors.
There is also a half fish, half a bird, symbolizing Mexico’s sovereignty over the sky and sea.
Aid groups show important moments in the history of Yucatan and Mexico: colonization, independence, reform, and revolution.
The most prominent the figure is a Mestiza woman at the top of a semicircle that symbolizes “hometown” over an eternal flame, wearing a necklace and bracelet.

Ruta Phu Quoc at Merida, Mexico

things to do merida mexico
Ruta Phu Quoc

A 41-kilometer tourist route leads south of Merida, the archaeological site of Merida Puuc.
We will go into more detail about the most important site Uxmal (the most important one) and the Will include Kabah, Sayil, Labna, X’lapal and Loltún caves.
To see this wonder on a budget, there is a public bus that leaves the TAME bus station in Mérida on Sunday mornings.

Merida Cathedral

things to do merida mexico
Merida Cathedral

As the first cathedral on the American continent, Mérida Cathedral was the only American cathedral completed in the 16th century.
Work on this Renaissance and Manorist monument began in the 1560s and began in 1598. ended and borrowed a style favorable to the Andalusia region of Spain at that time.
The canterra stone facade still retains the coat of arms of the Spanish Crown, adorned with two Tuscan pilasters and two simple bell towers. There
is a light show projected on this wall at 20:30 Friday night. It can be seen from the Plaza Grande.
The interior is equally demanding but atmospheric, with a baroque altar, a coveted central nave on two sides and a gothic retaining wall.

Quinta Montes Molina

One of the most luxurious buildings in Paseo de Monteho, Quinta Montes Molina is an outstanding piece

of architecture from the era of the Porfirio Díaz regime.
Completed in an eclectic style circa 1902, the mansion was sold by the Cuban founders during the Revolution. It was subsequently taken over by the Montes Molina family in 1915.
As a result, the house features century-worthy decorative arts and Carrara marble floors, antique furniture, ceramics, alabaster figurines and decorated with ornaments such as baccarat and Murano chandeliers.

Palacio Canton

This stylish mansion by Paseo Montejo hosted Merida’s Anthropology Collection until 2012 when it moved to Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. The Museum of Anthropology now hosts temporary exhibitions of pre-Yucatan pre-Hispanic history. Updated about 3 times a year.
This building is a major draw. So, it was built in the 1900s for the conservative politician and general Francisco Cantón Rosado.
The mansion has an eclectic style that blends Paseo Montejo’s Neo-Baroque and Neoclassical elements.
There are the grand decoration, stucco, Doric and Ionic columns, marble decorations of various shades, gardens, and ceremonial staircases.

Museo Fernando Garcia Ponce (MACAY)

The manicured stuccoed palace next to the Cathedral of Plaza Grande, Museo Fernando García Ponce is devoted to contemporary painting and sculpture.
With 15 rooms for temporary exhibitions, it provides a base for the top talent in Mexican art, so you’ll know if you’re eyeing it when you arrive in Merida.
There are four halls for the museum’s permanent collection and the Yucatan It is filled with works such as Gabriel Ramírez Aznar and Fernando García Ponce, by leading contemporary artists of the city, and Fernando Castro Pacheco, a muralist.

Mu Dao de la Ciudad de Merida

In another prosperous early 20th century building, this small but informative museum chronicles Merida’s history in four major phases: the Hispanic period before the AD of the city of Mayonnes Th’o, the colonial period that was part of New Spain, the 19th century, and its Hennecken Ranch and finally Merida since the 20th century.
The exhibit features information panels in English and features textiles, posters, photographs, scale models, Catholic liturgical art, busts, and some Mayan sculptures including representations of the armchair Chacmool.
Built in 1908, Merida’s Central Post Office, Telegraph Office, Treasury and District Court.


things to do merida mexico

Easy Day, the Mayan ruins of Dzibilchaltún are located about 15 kilometers north of the city center.
The main monument here is the seven dolls called seven dolls when the first one was excavated in the 1950s. It is a platform with. The
temple is oriented to see the sun through the east and west gates a few minutes after sunrise during the autumn and spring equinoxes.
Dzibilchaltún’s water supply comes from the cenote of Xlacah, one hundred and one hundred and forty meters long, covered in lilies and a place to cool off after a visit.
Also, from the site’s 16th-century Spanish chapel, Mayan cathedrals, textiles, armor of conquest and liturgical art. There are museums with interesting artifacts.

Maya Pine

If your aspirations for Mayan archeology remain, this is a great site about 30 minutes southeast of Merida.
Mayapán faces many Mayan traces up close and is a rugged city with more than 4,000 individual structures over 4.2 square kilometers.
Late Maya Civilization (13th – 15th centuries) The Mayapán were inhabited by up to 17,000 people. The
9.1-kilometer-long wall consists of a centremost temple, temple, platform, and an auditorium with columns and huts. Protects, 7 of the 12 gates correspond to vaulted portals.
Everywhere in the world Mayapán is overflowing with tourists. However, as it is one of the many Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula.

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